Spyderco Genzow HatchetHawk

  • Spyderco Genzow HatchetHawk

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The Spyderco HatchetHawk, designed by the German outdoor enthusiast Martin Genzow, combines elements of the classic Franziska with those of a beard axe and a tomahawk. The result is an incredibly practical and versatile outdoor tool that is simply at home in nature. The axe head is made from non-stainless 5160 carbon steel. The ergonomically optimized polypropylene handle has an aluminum core for maximum stability. Comes with a sturdy leather sheath and belt loop.

* Overall Length: 40,2 cm
* Blade Length: 15,6 cm
* Blade Thickness: 7,0 mm
* Weight: 712 g
* Steel: 5160
* Handle Material: Polypropylen

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