Civilian Lab Tarragona Clip Wallet

  • Civilian Lab Tarragona Clip Wallet
  • Civilian Lab Tarragona Clip Wallet
  • Civilian Lab Tarragona Clip Wallet

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Manufacturer information: Civilian Lab Ausrüstung

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You wear a phone on your belt - Your PDA, multi-tool, or flashlight as well. Now your wallet can be worn in the same secure way instead of weighing down your pockets and tearing out the linings. The exclusive Civilian Lab system uses a military-grade stainless steel belt clip with a tip made to hook under the belt edge and make it very difficult to remove by anyone but you.

Turned around and worn under the belt or even inside your waistband with only the clip on the outside, makes it virtually unreachable by thieves. The wallets come in a number of inventive materials making them a cutting edge fashion choice, not just a practical one. None of the materials will be damaged by sweat or moisture. These features make them indespensable travel companions, but also an ideal accessory to tailored suits - why have your wallet break the line of your trousers when it can stay neatly clipped in the small of your back under your blazer.

You will find countless advantages to this design, like clipping it to the side pockets on the inside of a bag to keep it from dropping to the bottom, or onto a car's visor while driving the toll booths. It can also be used while on your belt which gives you one-handed access while you use your other hand.

Color: white

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