Fire Water Survival Aegis

  • Fire Water Survival Aegis
  • Fire Water Survival Aegis
  • Fire Water Survival Aegis

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Manufacturer information: Fire Water Survival

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This unique survival kit provides several needed tools in order to survive. This kit will not expire like several others on the market today.

Each Aegis weighs 100-115g. Lightweight and compact for everyday carry.

Each kit contains the following items (buckle up, you won't believe it):
* 75 ml collapsible stainless steel cup
* Fire Starting Kit: ferrocerium fire starter, ziconia striker/scraper, Tinder Quik tab fire starter
* 30 cm nylon cord (lanyard)
* Cutting Tool: single edge razor blade (secondary striker for fire starter)
* Fishing Kit: 6 m test fishing line
* #6, #4, and #2 bait hooks
* 2 re-usable fishing line weights
* Waterproof Instructions: Printed instructions on a coffee filter, all waterproof ink. Provides directions for fire starting and kit uses
* 60 cm stainless steel wire (for hanging cup, trapping, general use)

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