• TOPS S.N.A.P. Kit
  • TOPS S.N.A.P. Kit
  • TOPS S.N.A.P. Kit
  • TOPS S.N.A.P. Kit

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Item No.: TOPS-SNAP01

EAN/UPC: 816411022186

Manufacturer information: TOPS Knives Messer

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The little tool that fills some big shoes when it comes to survival in the wilderness.

The S.N.A.P. kit contains:

* S.N.A.P. Card Knife
* 1 Metal storage box
* Fresnel lens
* Signal whistle (126 db)
* Button compass
* Cotton pad
* Orange marking tape (3.7m)
* Fishing line (7.6m)
* 2 Fish hooks
* Micro cord (3.7m)
* Sail needle
* 2 Safety pins
* P38 can opener
* Ferro rod
* Acrylic signal mirror
* Heavy rubber band
* ID card


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