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Nitecore SRT7 GT

Product no.: 09JB114
Nitecore Taschenlampen
Nitecore SRT7 GT
Nitecore SRT7 GT
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The successor of the SRT7 not only shines with greater power (1000 Lm) and longer ranger (up to 450 m) but also with better performance of the color LEDs (red 13 Lm / green 19 Lm / blue 3 Lm) and an additional UV LED (500 mW, 365 nm). The brightness can be continuously adjusted and the modes selected using the selector ring. As easy as can be. Despite its simple operation, the SRT7GT is one of the most versatile lights on the market. Includes case, tactical ring, spare seal, clip, lanyard, and batteries.

* Overall Length: 15,8 cm
* Weight: 173 g
* Handle Material: Aluminum