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Fenix HM60R

Product no.: 09FN1026
Fenix Taschenlampen
Fenix HM60R
Fenix HM60R
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The Fenix HM60R is an intelligent outdoor headlamp that provides ultra-long runtime. Featuring spot- and floodlights, the headlamp is excellent both in long-distance and wide-angle lighting. With the use of frequency-sensing brightness technology, the headlamp changes its brightness to adapt to different activities. As the user's step frequency increases or decreases the brightness will gradually increase or decrease accordingly, which makes it truly intelligent for high-intensity trail running. A hidden USB Type-C fast charging design is used, a 54-hour runtime mode is considered for hiking, it is an excellent choice for long-term, high-intensity outdoor activities.

• Overall Length: 8,4 cm
• Weight: 157 g