Nitecore MH10 V2

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The MH10 V2 is the latest addition to the Multitask Hybrid series from Nitecore. The updated version of the old MH10 comes with new 21700 generation of rechargeable batteries. This not only offers increased capacity of 4,000 mAh in total, but also enables an increased light output totaling 1,200 lumens. Typical with a multitask hybrid is an integrated charger with USB-C port in the flashlight head. A silicon cap serves as protection against water and dirt. The housing of the Nitecore MH10V2 has been adapted for the 21700 generation of rechargeable batteries. However, a battery magazine that is included enables easy operation with the narrower 18650 rechargeable battery. The MH10 V2 is operated by a single side switch on the flashlight head. This means the flashlight always sits correctly in the hand and can be adjusted for the respective use. The four light levels as well as the three special modes can be preset using a classic memory function. The patented ATR technology from Nitecore automatically adjusts the light level to avoid overheating and protect the user.

• Overall Length: 14,7 cm
• Weight: 77 g

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