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Böker A-F 5.5 Feuerzauber

Product no.: 122545
Böker Messer
Böker A-F 5.5 Feuerzauber
Böker A-F 5.5 Feuerzauber
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In the fall of 2017 we will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the liberation of the Lufthansa plane Landshut highjacked by terrorists in Mogadishu. The liberation mission (Operation Feuerzauber) was executed by the still quite new GSG 9 unit, founded in 1972. This successful mission under the command of the founder Ulrich K. Wegener firmly anchored the unit in the memory of the public. Especially in today's times, in which terror seems to be everywhere, one cannot pay too much tribute to a unit like the GSG 9 for their tireless work against terrorism and serious crime. We thus would like to honor the unit and its members with two special models of the Applegate 4.5 and 5.5, for which the GSG 9 granted us their official approval to add the mission badge of the unit, the famous wings. In order to make the promotion more than just symbolic, Boker will donate € 5 from every sold unit to GSG 9's choice of charity. The knives come with a finely satined blade and stainless steel handle. The wings of the GSG 9 are emblazoned on the blade. The handle is milled from rosewood and has a characteristic grooved profile for maximum grip.

Delivery includes a high-quality black leather scabbard.

The Applegate Feuerzauber knives are limited to 500 world-wide and individually numbered.

* Overall Length: 27,0 cm
* Blade Length: 14,0 cm
* Blade Thickness: 5,0 mm
* Weight: 241 g
* Steel: 440C
* Handle Material: Rosewood