Böker Plus Outdoorsman Mini

  • Böker Plus Outdoorsman Mini
  • Böker Plus Outdoorsman Mini

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Manufacturer information: Böker Plus Messer

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The compact Boker Plus Outdoorsman Mini has the same handle dimensions as the original model, albeit with a significantly shorter blade. The knife was designed for full functionality and is perfect for careful disjointing and other delicate cutting tasks. The full tang and wide blade offer maximum stability. The extended handle butt is shaped as a handy hammer plate and has drill holes that can be used to attach a lanyard. Comes with a fitted Kydex sheath.

* Overall Length: 17 cm
* Blade Length: 5,7 cm
* Blade Thickness: 4,18 mm
* Weight: 130 g
* Steel: 12C27
* Handle Material: GFK

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