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Item No.: TOPS-AKLB-01

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Manufacturer information: TOPS Knives Messer

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TOPS is famous for many things. Three that are important to us are: differentially heat treated 1095 blades, over-built unique designs, and working with outside designers. The A-Klub hits all three of those categories squarely. It is also the first to be released by TOPS that was designed by a woman. Amanda Kaye is probably best known for having appeared on Naked and Afraid. Aside from her TV appearances, AK has been an avid hunter and student of Native American primitive skills. She is no stranger to hard work. So it seems fitting that the first female designed TOPS knife would be a large, heavy working tool. Many of the design features came from Native American influences. Namely a weapon known as a "gunstock war club".

The forward sweeping edge widens toward the tip, which enables it to chop very similarly to a Kukuri design. At the pommel, the handle widens a bit to make it easy to hold on to when chopping heavily. The dangler Kydex sheath allows the knife to move around as you're walking to it's less likely to get caught up while walking through tall grass or brush and is held securely in place with a beta loop. If you like Kukuri designs, but you're looking for something a little different, the A-Klub is sure to impress.

* Overall Length: 45,4 cm
* Blade Length: 31,4 cm
* Blade Thickness: 6,4 mm
* Weight: 675 g
* Steel: 1095
* Handle Material: Micarta

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