Böker 20-20 Plum Wood

  • Böker 20-20 Plum Wood

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This true classic of the Solingen knifeware industry is a knife with a carbon blade and handle scales made from domestic plum wood. Older generations in particular rely on the excellent edge retention of the non-stainless blade of carbon steel C75. Moreover, the blades are easy to sharpen. The domestic plum wood used for the handle scales is hard, dense and close-grained with an even texture and striking color spectrum.

The heartwood shows hues of red and purple, which darken over time with UV exposure. Just like the carbon steel blade, which develops a unique patina as it ages, the plum wood is another clear sign that the knife's owner really used it. The knife series Boker Carbon Plum Wood was designed for people who cherish traditional values, who use their pocketknives as cutting tools on a regular basis and who enjoy seeing marks of wear and usage as reminders of the stories behind them. The more these knives are carried and used, the more charisma they develop. The fully handcrafted knives made by Boker Manufactory Solingen come with the historic etched blade motif, Boker Treebrand Classic, brass liners and a new version of the historic Boker tree symbol.

* Overall Length: 23,5 cm
* Blade Length: 9,5 cm
* Blade Thickness: 2,5 mm
* Weight: 120 g
* Steel: C75
* Handle Material: Plum Wood

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