Böker Plus Gordito Frazetta

  • Böker Plus Gordito Frazetta
  • Böker Plus Gordito Frazetta

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The legendary Frank Frazetta (1928-2010) began drawing for comic books at the age of sixteen, which led to his work with some of the most prominent comic book producers. This work eventually led to creating ads for popular magazines, one of which caught the eye of a successful movie studio. He was then approached to create a movie poster, earning his yearly salary in one afternoon. Several famous movie posters followed, then came his painting for paperback editions of adventure novels.

From this point on, Frazetta's work was highly sought after. Once he had secured a solid reputation, movie studios and recording artists alike were approaching him, to attain custom pieces for their films, album covers, etc. Today, Frazetta's work is so highly regarded that even incomplete sketches of his sell for thousands of dollars. We were fortunate to have the opportunity to team up with the Frazetta estate for this new line of exclusive knives, featuring his incredible artwork!

Refined, compact, handy, useful - if these are the key features of a gentlemen's knife, then we have without a doubt found it here. The titanium liners not only have milled pockets that provide a clean fit for the handle scales, but also feature a push button lock for convenient operation (non-automatic). The clip (tip up) is also made from titanium and supports a comfortable carry. The 440C blade compels with its fine horizontal satin finish that harmonizes beautifully with the matte, brushed titanium bolsters. The handle scales of this exclusive model feature Frank Frazetta's famous "Ghoul Queen."

* Overall Length: 15 cm
* Blade Length: 6,2 cm
* Blade Thickness: 2,92 mm
* Weight: 85 g
* Steel: 440C
* Handle Material: Aluminium

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