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  • Lionsteel T.R.E.
  • Lionsteel T.R.E.
  • Lionsteel T.R.E.
  • Lionsteel T.R.E.
  • Lionsteel T.R.E.

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Being named Knife of the Year at the Blade Show in Atlanta is an honor only few will earn. The bar for this is extremely high and being awarded this seal is a huge honor. In 2015, this honor went to the Lionsteel T.R.E., which not only represents a particularly well-conceived design, but also features the typical quality and utility. A unique feature of the T.R.E. is the new patent that meets a wide range of requirements for operating a knife – all of which is combined into a single knife. The thumb stud is designed in such a manner that it can be dismantled without leaving a gap in the blade. But Lionsteel has entered uncharted territory with the flipper that can also be dismantled. The premium wooden packaging not only contains the required tools to disassemble these two components and the clip, but also spare screws to seal unused threads and pockets to store dismantled hardware. As a result, the knife can be carried with the flipper, the thumb stud, or with none or both of the one-handed openers. The M390 blade is supported by a ball bearing (IKBS) and deploys silky-smooth. It is secured by a titanium frame lock.

The titanium clip and the titanium back-spacer are blue-anodized and also 3D milled like the carbon fiber or the titanium handle itself, therefore already representing small works of art by themselves.

The model with titanium scale has blue-anodized clip and back-spacer.

The G10 version of the T.R.E. does not have the removable flipper and features a black G-10 front scale. Shipped in standard Lionsteel packaging.

* Overall length: 17,5 cm
* Blade length: 7,4 cm
* Weight: 62 g
* Blade thickness: 3,5 mm
* Blade material: M390
* Handle material: Carbon Fiber, Titanium, G10

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