Böker Försternicker Staghorn

  • Böker Försternicker Staghorn
  • Böker Försternicker Staghorn

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With the Boker Försternicker, we are calling on traditional values, since this vintage version of the Nicker used to be a popular part of our program several decades ago. The slightly wider, curved blade is typical for this design, offering a somewhat larger task profile than the classic pointed hunting knife. The curved spine with subtle thumb grooves add to the comfortable grip and highlight the exclusive design.

The Försternicker is ideal for all outdoor tasks on the hunt, since the sturdy blade with its high flat grind combines stability with excellent cutting properties. The use of modern Böhler N690 for the blade highlights the exceptional practical value thanks to the superior edge retention compared to classic nicker steel. It is also easy to sharpen.

The nickel silver bolster and butt give the Försternicker an excellent grip. The knife is easy to carry in the classic nicker sheath. With scales made from carefully selected stag.

* Overall Length: 22,5 cm
* Blade Length: 11,0 cm
* Blade Thickness: 4,3 mm
* Weight: 205 g
* Steel: N690
* Handle Material: Hirschhorn

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