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Fällkniven HK9 Prestige Knife

Product no.: FNHK9L
Fällkniven Messer
Fällkniven HK9 Prestige Knife
Fällkniven HK9 Prestige Knife
Fällkniven HK9 Prestige Knife
Fällkniven HK9 Prestige Knife
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The Fällkniven HK9 is a hunting knife for the advanced, experienced hunter who knows where to place the blade on the prey. It is also a good all-round knife. The knife feels sturdy in the hand, compact in a way, easy to use, and stable. It does not appear so, but when using the knife you have the feel that it is one of the world's most advanced hunting knives you have in your hand. If not before, it is noticeable when beginning to cut - the laminated powder steel keeps an edge unbelievably well.

This knife is delivered with a very well made black leather sheath which keeps the knife safely without any snappers. The leather is about 3 mm thick and it has a thick liner along the sewing. The idea is that the sheath will fit so tight to your belt that you should be able to push/pull the knife from its sheath by using one hand only.

* Blade Length: 9,0 cm
* Overall Length: 19,5 cm
* Blade Thickness: 4,5 mm
* Weight: 174 g
* Steel: 3G
* Handle Material: Maroon Micarta
* Sheath: Leather