Fällkniven H1 Hunting Knife - 3G

  • Fällkniven H1 Hunting Knife - 3G
  • Fällkniven H1 Hunting Knife - 3G

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Manufacturer information: Fällkniven Messer

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The Fällkniven H1 knife with 3G blade is a very handy knife of impressive strength. The H1 is the first true hunting knife and is filled with the history of classic north Scandinavian knifemaking art. Due to this heritage the H1 lacks a standard finger guard, but grip safety is enhanced through its ergonomically shaped textured handle made of thermorun plastic. Due to the grip shape and handle design, the H1 is for experienced hunters and outdoorsman due to the handle shape. you should be an experienced hunter or outdoorsman to ensure you who can safely use this classic yet advanced hunting knife.

* Blade Length: 10,0 cm
* Overall Length: 21,0 cm
* Blade Thickness: 5,0 mm
* Weight: 180 g
* Steel: 3G
* Handle Material: Thermorun
* Sheath: Zytel

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