Fällkniven TK5 Tre Kronor

  • Fällkniven TK5 Tre Kronor
  • Fällkniven TK5 Tre Kronor

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Manufacturer information: Fällkniven Messer

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The experienced hunter will certainly like this knife! For clearing a game a knife doesn't have to be very large but well shaped. A droppoint-blade has got the right design for not cutting through membranes and guts, that is if you know how to put the cut. This three-finger knife will work properly if you place the endbutt into your palm and your fingers over the blade. The Fällkniven TK5 is not the regular woodcarving knife but should be considered as a pure hunting knife. Still many people like the slightly shorter size which for sure will make the TK5 a very popular allroundknife. The wood handle doesn't need any special care but a drop of furniture cream now and then won't hurt.

* Blade Length: 8,0 cm
* Overall Length: 17,5 cm
* Blade Thickness: 4,5 mm
* Weight: 160 g
* Steel: 3G
* Handle Material: Cocobolo

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