Böker German Expedition Knife

  • Böker German Expedition Knife

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This modern classic is a full-size survival knife whose versatility helps it to tackle any situation one might come across in the wild. From building a shelter to hunting uses and intercepting or skinning game, or even preparing meals, the G.E.K. leaves nothing to be desired. The versatile blade shape is based on the experience of Tony Lennartz, while the G.E.K. has also gained wide appeal by practitioners as a highly versatile tool.

This exceedingly rugged design uses N690 as the blade steel, which provides an excellent foundation with its grain structure and good corrosion resistance The rugged stonewash finish combines an easy to care for finish with an attractive visual appeal.

The handle design of the G.E.K. was enhanced in an effort to perfect the ergonomics for the various grip positions. The perforated design of the handle ensures moderate weight, while the exchangeable G-10 handle scales provide optimum grip and extremely secure handling. The impact element on the pommel increases the range of uses.

The left-handed or right-handed carry premium black leather sheath is designed for Lennartz favorite carrying option - the cross draw. The knife is positioned diagonally on the belt and can be deployed or stowed away with ease. The knife is secured with a two-sided push-button closure.

* Overall length: 28,8 cm
* Blade length: 16,5 cm
* Weight: 258 g
* Blade thickness: 4,9 mm
* Blade material: N690
* Handle material: G-10
* Design: Tony Lennartz

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