Fällkniven F1 Professional Survival Knife

  • Fällkniven F1 Professional Survival Knife
  • Fällkniven F1 Professional Survival Knife

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Manufacturer information: Fällkniven Messer

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The F1 Pro Series are survival knives of near-unimaginable quality, durability and performance.

Compared to their predecessors, the Pro series of F1 differs in the following important areas:

* The original laminated VG10 steel is upgraded to a laminate cobalt steel (lam. CoS) blade that ensures a durable edge and improved edge retention.
* The blades are thicker increasing the torsional rigidity so the knives will withstand even greater external forces.
* The full-length tapered tang is wider and thicker and therefore significantly stronger.
* The crossguard is now made of stainless steel and permanently welded to the tang.
* The convex blade edge has been refined to improve its cutting properties.
* The zytel sheaths are redesigned, more durable, and better suited for the Molle attachment system.
* The Pro Series knives are supplied with the most popular combination DC4 whetstone. The DC4 offers a diamond whetstone on one side, and a ceramic stone for field sharpening on the other side.
* Each Pro Series knife is packaged in a shock-resistant, waterproof box that can be used for storage of smart phones, GPS, documents, survival gear and much more.

* Blade Length: 10,0 cm
* Overall Length: 21,7 cm
* Blade Thickness: 5,0 mm
* Weight: 182 g
* Steel: Lam. CoS
* Handle Material: Thermorun
* Sheath: Zytel

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