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  • Spyderco Respect
  • Spyderco Respect

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Manufacturer information: Spyderco Messer

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The impressive Respect is a personal interpretation of the traditional American Bowie knife, designed by Spyderco founder Sal Glasser. True to its name, every single one of the 354 grams of weight makes you respect it. The hefty 6 mm blade of powder metallurgical CPM-154 has a flat grind to achieve the best possible cutting geometry. An "old school" crossguard and seamless G10 scales around the tang complete the impressive appearance. The Respect comes with a handmade leather sheath.

* Overall Length: 33,4 cm
* Blade Length: 20,2 cm
* Blade Thickness: 7,6 mm
* Weight: 450 g
* Steel: CPM-154
* Handle Material: G10

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