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  • TOPS Storm Vector
  • TOPS Storm Vector
  • TOPS Storm Vector

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Item No.: TOPS-SVEC-01

Manufacturer information: TOPS Knives Messer

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If you would have been around from, oh say 793 AD – 1066, the Seax would have been just as much a part of you as cell phones are today. Young, old, big, small, rich, or poor this tool served as a go-to option for just about everyone and it proved to be just as useful around the house as it was on the battlefield. The Seax was traditionally anywhere from around 20 cm all the way up to 76 cm, TOPS' version has 32,1 cm cutting edge, an overall length of 46,4 cm, and is made out of 6,4 mm thick 1095 High carbon steel with Acid Rain finish.

TOPS chose not to use the bones of their enemies to make the handles and went with Black Canvas Micarta and blue G10 liners instead. TOPS housed the Storm Vector in a black Kydex sheath with an exposed spine and a black leather dangler to give it some mobility. So, when you decide to unleash your inner Warrior, this is the blade for you.

* Blade Length: 32,1 cm
* Total Length: 46,4 cm
* Blade Thickness: 6,4 mm
* Weight: 680 g / 907 g (w/ sheath)
* Steel: 1095
* Handles: Micarta
* Pouch/Sheath: Kydex

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