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Outdoor Knives

TOPS Silent Hero
Designed by Anton Du Plessis, former Chief of Operations for the Specialized Interdiction Unit of the Silent Heroes Foundation.
229,90 €
Shipping time: 1-2 days 1-2 days

When you only have space for one self-defense and survival knife.

249,90 €
Shipping time: 6-10 days 6-10 days
LionSteel M2M Olive Wood

Made for the wilderness - that is the credo of the LionSteel M2M. The successor to the popular M2 comes with clever deta

172,90 €
Shipping time: 3-5 days 3-5 days
TOPS Knives Camp Creek Fire Edition

Based on the original version of the TOPS Camp Creek, knife designer Leo Espinoza has given this hunting knife a wider h

279,00 €
Shipping time: Preorder Preorder
TOPS Knives Cuma Kage

On closer inspection, particularly remarkable and eye-catching products often conceal an extraordinary story, and it is

359,00 €
Shipping time: Preorder Preorder
TOPS Knives Silent Hero 4

Strenghth is to be found in silence - and this is also the case with the TOPS Silent Hero 4.

209,00 €
Shipping time: Preorder Preorder
Chris Reeve Pacific - partially serrated

Continuing the proud tradition of Chris Reeve Knives honoring elite military, the Reeve/Harsey collaboration - the Pacific - is the civilian version of a knife created to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of 1st Special Forces Group.

459,00 €
Shipping time: Preorder Preorder
TOPS Tanimboca Puukko

To make the Tanimboca Puuko, TOPS has teamed up with Goran Mihajlovic. Goran is originally from Serbia but grew up in Ge

169,90 €
Shipping time: Preorder Preorder
TOPS The Sonoran

There are not a whole lot of things that Desert Dave can't do so it is no surprise that he has added Knife Designer to t

169,90 €
Shipping time: Preorder Preorder
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