Exotac tinderZip

Product no.: 009000

Having fire starting tinder is crucial in any survival situation. Exotac's goal for the tinderZip was to create something that you wouldn't have to remember to pack for every outing. The tinderZip can be added to all of your gear including jackets, backpacks, tents, and day bags so you will be prepared for any situation you find yourself in.

The tinderZip is a zipper pull that, in an emergency, can be used as tinder. Each pull has an inner core that is a highly flammable, waterproof, and easy to ignite tinder that will allow you to start a fire in any environment.

* Flammable core
* 5 zipper pulls included
* 60s burn time per zipper pull
* Orange tinderZip has retro-reflective strand
* Made in the USA


  • Color: black
  • Color: orange


11,90 €

19 % VAT incl.

Exotac tinderZip

Exotac tinderZip
Exotac tinderZip