Fällkniven LTC Legal to Carry

Product no.: FNLTC

The LTC (Legal to Carry) is a neat pen-knife which you can easily carry in your pocket. To conform to knife laws we have deliberately designed this folding knife to feature all the elements required to enable the user to carry the knife in most environments. This means that the aluminum handle lacks special grip surfaces, the blade lacks a conventional blade locking device (yet is still held in place by a steady spring), that the blade is short and narrow ( under 7.6cm – 3 inches) and that it cannot be unfolded with one hand. This results in the penknife being able to be used in public places at the owners discretion, apart from some sensitive areas such as airports, schools or pubs/nightclubs – check with the local police if you are unsure. The quality remains the same as any other Fällkniven knife.

The blade has grooves on both sides of the blade, making it useable for both right and left handers. The LTC is presented in several attractive colors and is supplied in a nice solid wood gift box.

* Blade Length: 5,9 cm
* Overall Length: 14,0 cm
* Blade Thickness: 2,5 mm
* Weight: 33 g
* Steel: 3G
* Handle Material: Aluminium


  • Color: black
  • Color: light blue


105,90 €

19 % VAT incl.

Fällkniven LTC Legal to Carry

Fällkniven LTC Legal to Carry