LionSteel Nyala Pen Damascus

Product no.: 09LS028DAM

Lionsteel presents an exclusive writing tool with the new Nyala pen. While in purely technical terms, the pen is definitely a tactical pen, we are reluctant to reduce it to this term due to its elegance and high-quality materials. The titanium body with turning mechanism is precision-CNC-milled and has a very unique look due to its multifaceted texture. This design is crowned by a shell made of stainless Damascus steel with cut-outs which permit a view of the actual body. The perfection and sturdiness which the Nyala pen exudes makes it a unique writing tool that easily bridges the gap between tactical and gentlemen's pen. Delivery includes a massive wood case which can also be used as pen holder on the desk. Fits with Fisher Space Pen PR4.

* Blade Length:
* Overall Length: 117 cm
* Blade Thickness:
* Weight: 31 g


  • Color: grey
  • Color: bronze


177,90 €

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LionSteel Nyala Pen Damascus

LionSteel Nyala Pen Damascus