Fenix CL09

Product no.: 09FN090

The Fenix CL09 is a compact, elegant and cold-resistant camping lantern. Neutral white light effectively gives better color rendering, while the featured multipurpose red and green lights can be used as signal lights. This camping lantern suits the demands for camping and hiking and is compatible with ARB-L16-700U, CR123A and 16340 batteries. The ARB-L16-700U is rechargeable via its own built-in charging port, while cold-resistant CR123A batteries are readily available. In addition, the lantern has IP68 rated protection, and a magnetic bottom and hanging loop make the CL09 better suited for various lighting environments.

* Overall Length: 7,9 cm
* Weight: 32 g


  • Color: black
  • Color: grey


36,95 €

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Fenix CL09

Fenix CL09