Exotac QuickLight

Product no.: 011050

quickLight is a high performance waterproof tinder designed to catch quickly and burn hot to get your fire going when you need it most. This tinder can be used with a firestarter, matches, or a lighter.

Fluff the end of the quickLight tab to increase surface area. Using any spark-source, direct the sparks into the end of the quickLight tab. Once lit, place it beneath your pre-built tinder pile.

For optimal performance pull tinder apart and fluff which helps catch sparks from your firestarter and increases oxygen flow. The sharp teeth on a flint wheel (like the nanoSPARK) make a great tool to "comb" and fluff the tinder.

* Burns for 1-2 minutes each
* Easy to light
* Treated to stay dry
* Made in the USA
* Package includes 12 pcs.


9,90 €

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Exotac QuickLight