Rezensionen zu: Diefenthal Jagdmesser - Drop-Point - 4-teilig (135)

Datum: Mittwoch, 05. April 2017
Autor: Jason M.
Rezensionen zu: Diefenthal Jagdmesser - Drop-Point - 4-teilig (135)


I have used the Victorinox Hunter for years to completely butcher roe deer and ibex, but find the blades too thin and the build is not quite strong enough for the work. Looking for something similar in a more robust knife with stag scales I came across the Diefenthal/Weidmannsheil 4 part folder and saw very good reviews so decided to order one. From the US, Toolshop was the most realistic option and gave excellent service. The knife has lived up to the reviews. The build is very robust and the workmanship is excellent. The main blade has an interesting curve that makes it a great skinner. The reverse-hollow ground saw does not bind in wood or bone and the gut blade is razor sharp. The corkscrew keeps me in a good mood...until a week ago when one of my employees asked to borrow it and broke the corkscrew--his fault, not the knife's. I'll have the corkscrew fixed eventually, but in the meantime I've ordered a replacement knife. I plan to give one to each of my sons once they get old enough and would have ordered another one anyway. This is a great knife that I would recommend for real hunters.
My next knife purchase will most likely be the Diefenthal jagdnicker 4 parts

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