Reviews for: Gerber LMF II ASEK

Date: Saturday 21 April, 2007
Author: Toni Bongi
Reviews for: Gerber LMF II ASEK


This is absolutely great knife for active duty soldiers like myself.

It's the right size, not too big but still useful for all kinds of cutting and prying needs. A very strong knife with most if not all of the functions that a active duty soldier needs whether in support or combat arms.

The blade is very sharp and when dulled you can sharpen it by an inbuilt sharpener in the sheat. The sheath can be attached to any PALS/MOLLE compatible vest in multitude of positions or put in belt or even leg with 2 straps that are supplied with the knife.

The blade serrations cover roughly half of the blade length so they are actually extremely effective for hard materials such as cables and heavy duty webbing. Also, they will not effect normal wood chopping!

The handle is soft rubber material that insulates the hand from the blade in case of touching electric current. This is very important when you travel in vehicles and helos and spend a lot of time around destroyed buildings.

There are holes for putting the knife to a wood pole if you need a spear. Maybe not absolutely necessary but a nice addition nontheless. And there is a pommel that can be used to hammer nails or break glass when constructing a hideout.

There is a very useful webbing cutter in it's own sheath for cutting off safety harness or load bearing vest in case of sudden evacuation from a downed helo or ied disabled vehicle or in case of other medical emergency requiring removal of personal equipment to get to treat the injured.

I am thoroughly impressed with this knife!

Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!


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