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  • TOPS IDT Axe
  • TOPS IDT Axe

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Item No.: TOPS-IDT-01

Manufacturer information: TOPS Knives Messer

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Crash axes were originally developed for emergency use for escaping from downed aircraft. Their use has certainly been extended to SWAT, Fire and Emergency services, as well as being a Door Opener for military units operating searches and seizures in urban areas.

TOPS IDT has an extra heavy tactical head. By itself it weighs 454 g, made of 1095 tempered carbon tool steel. The head is attached to a special handle configuration to improve the momentum (power) of the chop or down stroke.

The tubular handle is made of chrome moly alloy (4130), considered stronger and lighter than steel. Chrome moly is like steel on steroids. It exhibits strength, toughness, and ductility.

To ensure a secure grip on the handle, TOPS has provided a large 20 cm grip area made of 'Eezer foam'. Manufactured through a patented proprietary process and unmatched in quality and durability. The smooth surface finish is non-slip under adverse conditions and is a high density shock absorber and insulator, with good abrasion resistance.

Blade Length | 18,7 cm
Total Length | 38,0 cm
Weight (Head) |  454 g
Weight (Total) |  
Steel | 1095
Handles | Chrome Moly Alloy (4130)
Pouch/Sheath | Nylon

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