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Sentry BP2000 Powder

Product no.: 91040
Sentry Solutions Messerpflege
Sentry BP2000 Powder
Sentry BP2000 Powder
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Products description

Pure powdered sub-micron, passivated molybdenum disulfide lubricant with a natural bonding affinity for metal. BP2000 is great for trigger jobs and fine-tuning bores, bolts and slides. BP2000 aids in barrel break in by reducing the number of rounds needed for the break in process. BP2000 can be used on its own or on top of Smooth-Kote. When used with Smooth-Kote, friction is reduced by as much as an additional 20%, compared to oiled surfaces. BP2000 Powder and Smooth-Kote should be used together on any surface which needs smoothness and high lubricity such a trigger part surfaces and match barrels. Hammer and sear trigger systems treated with these products will have smoother and lighter trigger pulls.
Content: 3g

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