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Exotac NanoSpark

Product no.: 011250
Exotac Feuerstarter
Exotac NanoSpark
Exotac NanoSpark
Exotac NanoSpark
Exotac NanoSpark
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Products description

The NanoSpark is an ultra-compact firestarter designed for use with high surface-area tinders such as QuickFire. It can also be used to easily light camp stoves. The NanoSpark was designed to be used one-handed with QuickLight tabs. These tinder tabs can be stored within the waterproof body of the NanoSpark.

The NanoSpark is a flint-based sparker that works similar to a traditional lighter. Simply spin the flint wheel to generate sparks. Aim sparks towards the QuickLight tabs or your choice of tinder. The NanoSpark has a replaceable flint accessible via the dry tinder storage compartment. Simply unscrew the two halves of the NanoSpark to reveal a brass thumbscrew that retains the flint and spring.

Use the flint wheel the fluff up your tinder such as the QuickLight tabs. Spare flints can be stored inside the bottom of the dry tinder storage compartment.


* One-handed operation
* Replaceable flint
* Holds one QuickLight tab
* Square threaded cap for maximum durability
* Lanyard slot for attaching to keychain or lanyard
* Waterproof to depths >1 meters
* Lightweight aircraft grade 6061 aluminum construction Anodized and laser engraved for durability
* Made in the USA

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