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Manufacturer information: TOPS Knives Messer

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Designed by Laci Szabo, a well known knife aficionado and designer. His prior service in the Marine Corps was instrumental in his creation of the USMC Combat Knife. Keeping his design within the basics of use, form and fit. He used standards which make this knife a positive step forward in hard core use, not only for the military, but a great general use outdoor tool. Full tang construct and a well thought out handle shape. TOPS has taken this knife into the field and used and abused it. Grade A results all around, all the guys that have had this knife in their hands, have been very impressed with the great feel of power, outstanding wet gripping, solid weight with positive performance. Hats off to Laci... This is a superb field tool.

Blade Length | 19,1 cm
Total Length | 35,0 cm
Weight | 496 g
Steel | 1095
Handles | Micarta
Pouch/Sheath | Nylon
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