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TOPS Little Bugger

Product no.: TOPS-LILB-01
TOPS Knives Messer
TOPS Little Bugger
TOPS Little Bugger
TOPS Little Bugger
TOPS Little Bugger
TOPS Little Bugger
TOPS Little Bugger
TOPS Little Bugger
TOPS Little Bugger
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The Little Bugger was designed by Matt Graham, who is much more than just a "survivalist". He is an athlete – ultra-marathons, triathlons, rock climbing, etc., a martial artist – several styles, and an expert in primitive weapons, hunting, and shelters. He has more "dirt time" than almost anyone else out there.

The reason he designed the Little Bugger was to have a sharp, full-tang fixed blade that can be carried when everything else is left behind. Imagine running an ultra-marathon with a backpack full of gear and this starts to make sense. In order to meet that need, he designed the little bugger.

It's made of 1095 steel with thin tan canvas Micarta handles and black liners. The knife weighs in at about 68 g. The sheath, also lightweight, giving you a total package of a little more than 100 g. The narrow j-clip on the sheath is great for wearing this on a belt or on a pack. It can also be worn with most shorts without falling off. The thin, straight blade is complimented with TOPS' modified Scandi grind, making this knife razor sharp with a proven utility-style blade.

* Blade Length: 6.0 cm
* Total Length: 14.6 cm
* Weight: 68 g / 105 g (w/ sheath)
* Steel: 1095
* Handles: Micarta
* Pouch/Sheath: Kydex
* Other: -/-